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Mbantua Aboriginal Art GalleryMbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery is one of the leaders in the sales and promotions of authentic Australian Aboriginal art both within Australia and worldwide. When you buy a piece of Aboriginal art from us you can be assured you are buying from a gallery dedicated to showcasing the wonderful artwork and traditions of the Indigenous peoples of our land.

Mbantua Gallery has been in existence for over 20 years having first opened our doors as an Art Gallery in Alice Springs in 1992. Long before that we were established in the art business through Mbantua Store. We are specialists in Aboriginal Art from the Utopia Region of Central Australia. Now having expanded to Darwin in the Northern Territory, we continue to offer our customers great service and value whether it be our smallest piece of art or one of our Investment works.

We were chosen as the sole aboriginal art representatives for HRH Prince of Wales on his 2005 Australia tour, recommended to Dr David Suzuki, a world renowned scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster from Canada, for a private visit on his 2006 Australia tour and much, much more.

The Mbantua Cultural Museum is well worth a visit. If you're in town why not drop in and have a look around.  There are some old artefacts displays, top end art and bush tucker displays.  Customers have told us that this is the most informative and interesting display of Aboriginal Art and Culture in Australia. Some leading travel companies also describe it as “The Jewel of Alice”.  It's a great place for all ages... Free entry.

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