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Alice Springs School of the Air

Alice Springs School of the AirIn the 1940's a pioneering woman by the name of Adelaide Miethke, a former educationalist, had a vision of a school that would enhance the learning experience of children living in remote Australia. It was this inspiration that provided an opportunity for these children to interact with their teachers & classmates and supplement correspondence lessons sent out by mail.

In 1951 the Alice Springs School of the Air was established and ever since it has been at the forefront of developing techniques that without a doubt achieve the aspirations that were once only a notion.

At first the lessons were broadcast by HF-radio, one-way only (from the teacher), but it wasn't long before the children were able to participate in question & answer time at the end of each broadcast. But those are days of the past; today, development & ongoing improvement of satellite technology provides the children with much more interactive classes broadcast via Internet. The children can now see their teacher and classmates on their computer as far as 1200kms from each other.

Proven to be a great success are the in-town events that are included in the school calendar each year - these events bring all the students into Alice Springs four times a year for about a week each time that provides them with face-to-face social interaction with their classmates.

Miss Adelaide Miethke's vision lives on and children living in remote areas of Australia participate in interactive school lessons & activities with their teacher & classmates, even though they may not see them face-to-face everyday.

Visit the Alice Springs School of the Air Visitor Centre and immerse yourself in history, learn about outback lifestyle, discover world-class innovations and be inspired by what has been and continues to be one of the most unique methods of education - achieved in 'The World's Largest Classroom".

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